Call Tea Benefits

Sunrider International, Calli Tea provides all the benefits of green tea plus more thanks to its unique concentration of herbal ingredients such as camellia leaf, perilla leaf, mori bark extract, alisma root extract, and imperate root. It’s definitely an exclusive formula created using owner expertise with proven effectiveness. Calli Tea, does not contain any caffeine, added […]

Fortune Delight Satisfies

Sunrider® Fortune Delight Regular 10/20 g Packs (0.70 oz./20 g each bag)

Sunrider Fitness Series: Fortune Delight Satisfies Sweat is a great sign that your heart’s pumping and your’e in your “fat burning zone.” It’s also a great sign that you’re flushing out nasty toxins from your system.  Unfortunately, it’s also a “great” sign that you’re losing essential fluids and electrolytes.  Fortune Delight satisfies your bodies need […]

SunBreeze Essential Oil & Balm Sunrider Product Review

SunBreeze Oil & Balm: Product Information and Review The Sunrider Sunbreeze Oil and Sunbreeze Balm products are designed to provide fast acting, long lasting pain relief for temporary to chronic muscle and joint pain, tension aches and soreness throughout the body. It is also designed to provide sustained relief of migraines and headaches.   Sunbreeze […]

Indoor Urban Vertical Farming; The New Agriculture

(NaturalNews) Certain forward-thinking folks are reinventing farming as we know it. Indoor, organic urban farms growing food vertically using hydroponic and aquaponic principles, are sprouting around the country. The push for alternative methods of raising food follow in part, on the heels of local governments outlawing homeowners from growing vegetable gardens in their yards, and […]

Lab-Made “Swerve” Ad Sweetener Marketed As All Natural: Here‚Ads What You Need to Know About It

(NaturalNews) Perhaps you’ve seen it while strolling down the baking aisle at your local health food store — Swerve, the “all-natural sweetener” with no synthetic chemicals, no aspartame, and no genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). But is Swerve really a healthy sweetening alternative for health-conscious individuals trying to cut refined sugars from their diet? Unfortunately, the answer […]

Health Insurance Rates to Double – Obamacare Fully Kicks In

(NaturalNews) Writing on the blog of the Department of Health and Human Services on the third anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, more popularly known as Obamacare, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had this to say about the impact of the law on insurance rates: As a former state insurance commissioner, I know […]

100% Natural Products Fight Against Dangerous Additives and Preservatives

At Healthy You Herbs, we have a passion for providing truly 100% all natural products, free from additives or preservatives. The fact is, for over 60% of the additives used in our food and drug supply today in the United States, we have no idea what the chronic exposure to these chemicals is doing to […]