100% Natural Products Fight Against Dangerous Additives and Preservatives

At Healthy You Herbs, we have a passion for providing truly 100% all natural products, free from additives or preservatives. The fact is, for over 60% of the additives used in our food and drug supply today in the United States, we have no idea what the chronic exposure to these chemicals is doing to our bodies. The FDA currently catalogs over 3,000 chemical additives approved for use in our consumed products for the purpose of preservation, coloring, taste, and more. The most startling fact is that less than 1/3 of these substances have been researched enough to provide significant medical data verifying its effect on the human body. What we do know is that additives are never used for the consumers benefit. The consequence is that we, as consumers, must hold ourselves more accountable to treat our bodies right. At Healthy You Herbs, we firmly believe the research proves the best way to health and wellness is avoiding consumption of synthetic chemical additives wherever possible.  If you follow these two guiding principles, you will enjoy more energy and less sickness. 1. Be consistent.   2. Listen to your body. Consistency is paramount. Your body learns to trust, or distrust your habits. When you consistently give your body what it needs, it’s more willing to shed the old, toxin-riddled cells. The more inconsistent you are with providing your body the natural ingredients it needs, the more your body is forced to cling to any remaining substances it can find.  To maintain a proper weight, and healthier quality of life, your first task should be committing yourself to consistently positive dietary choices and physical activity. We can provide you the ingredients, but only you are responsible for using them in the right way. About 70% of your immune system is attributed to what you consume. Enhance your immune system by taking B-Complex all-natural herbal supplements like Alfalfa, Burdock, Yellow Dock, and 4-PG, all available at an unbeatable price atwww.heathyyouherbs.com. Watch for clues your body gives you. Are you living one cup of coffee at a time? Feel chronically fatigued? The amount of toxins fed to us is staggering.  The presence of these substances constantly in our body slows us down, makes our system work overtime to cleanse itself, and worse, produces chronic inflammation. By regularly delivering high quality natural ingredients that your body needs, you protect yourself from infection, loss of energy, and susceptibility to disease. Are Your Herbal Supplements From an Organic Producer Committed to Quality? Most people are not aware that the quality of an herb can be significantly diminished after harvesting, depending on how it’s cared for. If they are not dried and cured properly, in the right season, using the optimal tools available, a high-quality herb can lose more than half its potency. So it’s important to be selective. From the soil preparation, to growing, harvesting, processing procedures, all the way to the packaging facilities, total organic processing is the key. Herbs containing artificial ingredients where synthetic chemical processes are used rob you of the herbs full active ingredients. Don’t be sold on the prettiest package on the shelf!  Do your homework and make sure you’re getting what you want to pay for. That’s exactly what inspired us to start this company. Our promise at Healthy You Herbs is to always seek out the most pure herbs on the planet. You won’t find our products in the flashiest packaging, because we don’t think you should have to pay for that. Our mission is providing you with the highest quality ingredients available at wholesale prices. For more information on healthy lifestyle choices, Healthy You Herbs recommends you check out these great wellness blogs as well. http://www.healthylivingblogs.org/blog-list/herbal-supplements/newest http://natural-herbal-supplement.blogspot.com/ http://www.drweilblog.com/home/category/science-and-supplement-news/ http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/