Call Tea Benefits

Sunrider International, Calli Tea provides all the benefits of green tea plus more thanks to its unique concentration of herbal ingredients such as camellia leaf, perilla leaf, mori bark extract, alisma root extract, and imperate root. It’s definitely an exclusive formula created using owner expertise with proven effectiveness. Calli Tea, does not contain any caffeine, added sugars, or artificial sweeteners.  Call Tea comes in different flavors , Regular, Cinnamon, or Mint.  There is also a special blend called Call Night, which is designed for people who enjoy a cup of herbal beverage right before bedtime and aids in getting a good night’s sleep. Call Tea detoxifies and it’s main ingredient Camellia Sinensis contains antioxidant polyphenol chemicals known as catechizes. The catechizes produce a cleansing process and absorbs harmful free radicals to prevent damage to the body resulting in an improved digestive, immune, endocrine, respiratory and circulatory process.  Combined with a healthy meal and exercise program, the unique herbal extracts in Calli Tea assist in the body’s natural cleansing processes.