Fortune Delight Satisfies

Sunrider® Fortune Delight Regular 10/20 g Packs (0.70 oz./20 g each bag)
Sunrider Fitness Series: Fortune Delight Satisfies Sweat is a great sign that your heart’s pumping and your’e in your “fat burning zone.” It’s also a great sign that you’re flushing out nasty toxins from your system.  Unfortunately, it’s also a “great” sign that you’re losing essential fluids and electrolytes.  Fortune Delight satisfies your bodies need for hydration. In this Sunrider Fitness installment, Dr. Reuben Chen talks about the benefits of Sunrider’s Fortune Delight. This amazing herbal tea is all-natural and packed with tons of antioxidants for super, “healthy” hydration. Whether you’re into extreme sports and strenuous workouts or prefer a lighter fitness regimen, Fortune Delight can help. These teas are formulated to ensure your body has what it needs. All Sunrider teas are naturally refreshing. Plus, Sunrider guarantees its products will never contain chemicals, stimulants, fat, cholesterol or artificial colors and sweeteners. Per Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Sunrider International Founder and Owner, the benefits of tea catechins and polyphenols in Fortune Delight are greater than other beverages, including green tea. He states that “the problem with regular tea is that catechins don’t dissolve in water very well. Also, if you put tea in water, the water dilutes the tea and you won’t get the full benefits.” Fortunately, Fortune Delight is no ordinary tea! It’s an amazing health food in a glass. These teas are specially processed by concentrating the tea so the rich polyphenols remain effective even when water is added. My workout crew and I always finish our routines with a shaker bottle of tea made with ionized water. We also add a packet of Quinary Powder to our tea for a total body boost of nutrition. Fortune Delight comes in a variety of tea-licious flavors. They are also a healthy alternative to sugary fruit juices, sodas and sports drinks. Check out the video below to learn how Sunrider teas, supplements and beverages complement your weight-loss or fitness program.