Terrific Sunrider Calli Tea Review

Sunrider Calli Tea Review

The Sunrider products are the best you can find anywhere, you never question there validity,because of your results. Package arrived very quickly great seller. The problem is I take prescriptions and have been told not to use this or any detox teas or pills because it could upset the balance of my medications. So just beware this is a high detox and wonderful for anyone not taking medication. It really works well if you want to quit smoking because it makes your cigarettes taste terrible. Just check with your Doc if you are on any prescription.
Calli Tea Night Sunrider Calli Tea is a powerful, aromatic blend of botanicals designed to cleanse and nourish the body. Combined with proper diet and exercise, the unique herbal extracts in Calli® assist the body’s natural ability to sustain balance and optimal health. [su_button url=”https://www.healthyyouherbs.com/shop/calli-mint-60-bags-0-08-oz-2-5-bag/”]Order Calli Tea Now[/su_button] Ingredients: Sunrider only uses the highest quality, non-GMO cultivated botanicals in this proprietary blend. Camellia Leaf (Green tea) contains one of the purest forms of antioxidants (catechins), These antioxidants support the cardiovascular system and eliminate harmful free radicals. Free radicals damage cells, cause cancer and premature aging. Camellia also reduces hypertension and inflammation. Perilla used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years. Perilla has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in vitamin C which supports a healthy immune system. Institute for Traditional Medicine Perilla. . Mori (Mulberry) Bark Extract, Rich source of vitamins and minerals with many healing properties. Contains diuretc agents that naturally flush toxins. The water extract of Mori bark has been shown to kill of and eliminate tumor cells by inhibiting microtubule assembly. National Center for Biotechnology Information Mori Extract and Cancer Alisma Root Herb commonly used in Chinese medicine. Helps eliminate mucous and water, reduces bloating and fights infections. Has been reported effective in the treatment of diabetes. It is mild, natural diuretic that promotes kidney, bladder and urinary tract health. Imperate Root has healing antiviral, antibacterial and anti-arthritic properties. Helps reduce inflammation of the liver and kidneys. Sunrider Guarantee – All Natural / Pure: Calli Tea is an all-natural, non GMO herbal tea. It is caffeine free and does not contain chemicals, flavors, sugars, preservatives or colors.