Sunrider Citric C Outstanding Five Star Review

Sunrider Citric C Review

I did notice that after taking the Citric C Tabs daily for about a week, I felt better in general. I also noticed that my teeth and gums were looking healthier and not feeling as sensitive as before. I think it is the extra ingredients in the Citric C Tabs that helped with that. I was around a few people with colds and just knew I was going to catch a cold. The Citric C Tabs helped me from getting anyone’s colds and I was the only one in the office that didn’t get sick.
Citric C Tab Whole Food Vitamin C with Rose Hips Bioflavoinoids

What is it used for?

Citric C helps boost immunity, assists in healing (especially the skin and connective tissues), helps in forming red blood cells and acts as an antihistamine (may be very useful for those with allergies!). It is also a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C is a stress vitamin and is used up rapidly in times of mental and/or physical stress.

How is it used?

Chewable, assimilable, with a delicious orange taste


L-ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, rose hips fruit (rose hips), Fructose, sorbitol, cellulose, guar gum, natural orange flavor, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate [su_button url=””]Order Citric C Now[/su_button]