Reproductive Health Straight from Nature

The quest for increased sexual vitality is nearly as old as the human race. Some of the earliest recorded documents associate love and sexual pleasure with foods, herbs, scents and rituals. More than 2,000 years ago, cultures recorded their earliest attempts to treat low libido, erectile dysfunction and other sexual maladies. An aphrodisiac is any substance known to stimulate desire for arousing contact. Named for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, aphrodisiacs increase libido, and make sex more pleasurable. They motivate desire in much the same way a banquet table tempts the taste buds to get you excited about partaking in the wonderful food laid out before you. The quest for aphrodisiacs continues today. Throughout history into modern times, the search has centered on herbs and spices that enhance the mood, increase sexual desire and improve sexual stamina. Damiana root is one of the most popular herbal aphrodisiacs today. What is Damiana Root? Damiana root is the subterranean limb of a small, aromatic shrub found on dry, sunny hillsides. The plant is sometimes also referenced by its scientific name, Turnera diffusa. Damiana is native to the rocky hillsides of southern California, Texas, Mexico, Central and South America. It can also found on the Caribbean islands. Damiana is known by its small, yellow flowers and pungent, fig-like fruits. The essential oils have a spice-like fragrance that is similar to chamomile. In traditional medicine and modern holistic practices, damiana root and leaves have many uses. Brewed in tea, damiana leaves were used for relaxation by the native peoples of Mexico and Central America. The Mayan’s used damiana tea as a general tonic to improve wellness, treating everything from anxiety, nervousness, and depression. However, the herb is most notable as a powerful sexual stimulant. In the New World, Spanish missionaries observed the indigenous Mexican people drinking damiana tea for its aphrodisiac properties. Damiana was prized for its stimulating effects on sexual libido, and the native peoples used the herb to boost their sexual potency. Damiana in Holistic Medicine Today, health-conscious adults turn to damiana root for sexual enhancement and general health improvements. Backed by scientific evidence, the powerful sexual stimulant promotes healthy sexuality in men and women alike. Its effects on depression, impotence, premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms are remarkable. According to some studies, damiana may act as an aromatase inhibitor, a substance that blocks estrogen production and helps prevent conditions leading to female breast and ovarian cancers. It may also help treat male breast enlargement. Researchers are continuing to study the effects of damiana on these medical conditions. A Safe and Effective Sexual Stimulant Sexual enhancement is the most significant benefit of damiana root. This natural supplement is known as the world’s most famous female enhancer. It is not a women’s only supplement, however. Damiana has numerous sexual benefits for men. Damiana can work very quickly right before sexual activity, stimulating genital areas by increasing the oxygen supply and blood flow. It also shows great benefit incorporated into a longer-term plan for improved sexual fitness and performance. Typically, sexual enhancers are herbal blends of potent oils and extracts. Most of them share a common ingredient: damiana root. Safety is the big reason for the herb’s popularity. Unlike yohimbe and other aphrodisiac herbs, damiana does not produce toxic side effects. According to holistic practitioners, people cannot overdose on the herb. Large doses are generally safe for short-term use, and smaller doses are safe for the long term. Even for people with healthy fertility and potency, sexual desire can wax, wane, ebb and flow. Let’s face it, life is stressful. And we all must work hard to balance stresses that we bring home into our partners life. Many times desire is not the root issue, but fatigue induced from chronic stress that prohibits you from ever shutting out the workday completely, and just focusing on you and your partner. Damiana is a natural way to prime the pump, so to speak, and help slip into the mood for sex. Not only does it improve male potency, but it also excites female arousal and heightens sexual climaxes. Are All Damiana Supplements Created Equal? As a natural supplement, damiana root can be a healthy addition to anyone’s sexual repertoire. The herb is known to improve low libido, female arousal issues, hormone imbalances, male impotence and prostate troubles. Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equal. Their effectiveness varies by brand and supplier, and per usual, you get what you pay for. Those who shop for the highest quality always get the biggest results, in every way that counts. Get Your DAMIANA Root today!