Sunrider® Fitness Journal – English Single


The Fitness Journal complements the Fitness Brigade® Training Program and helps you monitor your food intake and exercise routines, as well as other information crucial to long-term success. Although included in the Fitness Brigade™ Exercise System, if you want to continue using the journal beyond the program’s 90 days, you can simply purchase a single journal and continue tracking your fitness success.

This must-have fitness companion features multiple tools to help you monitor your efforts in achieving your fitness goals, helping you stay motivated and accountable for making healthy choices.

Benefits and recommendations for SunFit® Pack products.
Benefits and recommendations for Sunrider® performance supplements.
Grocery checklist to support healthy food-shopping habits.
Food exchange list for 160 foods and condiments.
Exercise journal to record daily workouts, intensity level, duration, heart rate, hours of sleep, and mental and physical state.
Nutrition journal to record daily mealtimes, meals and snacks, key nutritional information, mood, and energy level.

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