SunBright® Bleach Powder by Sunrider® – Net Wt. 3 lbs./1.36 kg


SunBright® Bleach is ideal for people who wish to reduce their exposure to unhealthy and hazardous ingredients found in everyday cleaning products. Used in combination with SunBright® SuperClean™ Laundry, it provides superior cleaning, because it’s concentrated. It’s safe to use on almost all kinds of washable fabrics, and it also improves the finish on chrome, upholstery, and other kitchen appliances.

1. Use the most appropriate laundering procedure as indicated by the garment manufacturer.

2. Sort or separate clothes by: colors, soil, fabric type, and tendency to damage other laundry (e.g., separate lint producers, metal fasteners, and buckles from open-weave or delicate fabrics.)

3. Using a machine or by hand wash laundry with SunBright® Laundry SuperClean™: a. Normal load: 1 scoop (10 g) per load of SunBright® Bleach. b. Heavy load: 1 1/2 scoops (15 g) per load of SunBright® Bleach.

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