Sunrider® Resistance Band with Measuring Tape


    Get fit with the resistance band included in Sunrider’s own Fitness Brigade® Exercise System! No need for expensive weights, this multitasking resistance band provides countless ways to work every major muscle group in the body—chest, arms, legs, and back.
    Perfect for in-home workouts, traveling, and even the gym, this resistance band is an excellent addition to your exercise routine. With this resistance band, you can workout anywhere…your living room, backyard, hotel room, and even your office. And now there are no more excuses for skipping workouts while on vacation!

    Resistance bands not only improve strength and muscle, but also help improve balance and coordination. And because they allow for a full range of motion, with proper form and adequate tension resistance bands may actually engage more muscles than dumbbells.

    Compact and fits anywhere—gym bag, suitcase, or purse!
    Foam-padded handles enable a secure, comfortable grip
    Ideal for all fitness levels
    Great for travelers

    Measuring tape is included with purchase.

    *Please note the resistance bands contain latex.

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