Sunrider® NuPuffs® 6 Bags (2 oz./56 g each bag)

A healthy snack alternative, NuPuffs® are made with superior raw herbs in a unique formulation that uses Sunrider® NuPlus® herbal food as its base, an excellent source of complex carbohydrates.

NuPuffs® help you pass up junk food, such as chips and other crunchy snacks that contain hydrogenated oils that add empty calories to your diet. The cocoa flavor satisfies your sweet tooth, and the cheese flavor fulfills your salt cravings without the high level of sodium commonly found in chips, crackers or pretzels. These snacks often have 300-600 mg of sodium per serving, compared to only 25 mg for cocoa NuPuffs® and 160 mg for cheese NuPuffs®. Best of all, NuPuffs® contains Coix Fruit, a source of antioxidants.

Enjoy NuPuffs® throughout the day. Eat them in place of cereal, chips, popcorn, cookies and other snacks.