Kandesn® Concealer by Sunrider® Light 0.14 oz.

Kandesn® Concealer makes skin discolorations disappear. Whether you want to hide blemishes or other imperfections, we have just the right shade to help you achieve a healthy-looking complexion.

Made with an unusually high percentage of the valuable and superior ingredient Squalane (vegetable origin), Kandesn® Concealer harmonizes with the skin’s water-to-oil ratio. Plus, it nourishes delicate areas around the eyes and lips as it hides irregular pigmentation. Our Sunrider Concealer covers imperfections or blemishes without feeling cakey or clogging your skin. Another benefit is that it provides an excellent base for lip contouring and helps keep lip color fresh.

Use to conceal skin discoloration around the eyes, nose and mouth, or other pigment irregularities on the face. Blend in.